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Posted by MLC Awards on Monday, November 25, 2019
The MLC Awards
is an international film festival with a once a year gala and quarterly by-invitation live screenings.

We recognize cast, crew and work put into union/non union short films (20 minute maximum length), web series / pilot-episodes (with a 30-45 minute maximum length) WI or Midwest shorts and full feature Westerns (under 125 min with credits).

Productions will screen quarterly in front of a private live panel of judges at the offices of our main sponsor Moyano Lingua Consulting and Productions LLC, in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Each production (all genres okay with priority to noir, latino and comedy) must showcase at least one or more of the following three components and meet the production date requirements:
[films can be in any language, but must have subtitles in English if the spoken language is not English: SRT file or unlisted YouTube or Vimeo with password]

M - obster
(all organized crime fiction, including Westerns, piracy)

L - atino
(all Latin / Latino culture connections are allowed, either by content OR because the director, cast member have/has a link to Latin culture or Latin-derived language: Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, etc.)

C - omedy
(must have any kind of comedy component, from dark to soft comedy; fiction only)

All productions must have a completion date on IMDb as of January 1, 2018. Productions released or completed prior to such date will be disqualified. Submission rates are posted on our Film Freeway profile fimfreeway

ALL FILMS MUST HAVE A COMPLETION or RELEASE DATE AS OF JANUARY 1, 2018 (except for Westerns, which must be completed as of 1/1/2016 date)

NO DOCUMENTARIES AT THIS TIME, PLEASE. No porn or excessively erotic films.

This is not an online competition. This is a film festival.

Final quarterly submission deadlines 2 weeks before the below dates. Official selections will be announced by:
* March 27, 2020 (1st quarter submissions)
* June 27, 2020 (2nd quarter submissions),
* September 27, 2020 (3rd quarter submissions)
* December 20, 2020 (4th quarter submissions).

A panel of judges will screen the selections at the viewing room of MLC Productions (our main sponsor www.moyanolingua.com) in Green Bay, by the end of: the first week of April '20 (1st quarter), of July '20 (2nd quarter), of October '20 (3rd quarter) of January '21 (4th quarter). Winners qualify for the annual gala.

SEE US on Film Freeway (blue button above) for updates on categories being considered.
Quarterly winners (16 winners, that is 4 winner per quarter) will become finalists at the annual gala and their films will publicly screen (before the final awards ceremony) on Sunday February 21, 2021, downtown Green Bay. The screening will be for the public vote (for best lead actor, best lead actress, best film score and best director/producer). The public and the judges votes (judges vote annual award winners for each of the 4 categories out of the 16 quarterly winners). Trophies and printed certificates will be awarded on site. Event will be held at Rise and Grind https://www.grindcowork.com

Every film submission must be done through FilmFreeway or FestHome
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Our Annual Gala with finalists from

each  monthly category winner will

be hosted at Rise & Grind in beautiful downtown

Green Bay,  Wisconsin in the Spring of 2021: red

carpet, trophies,  certificates...